Friday Update

Worship, Lunch, Work
In order to make it safe to worship in person on Sunday we will spend time Sunday afternoon doing some of the following: 
  • Eating (KFC)
  • Remove paneling and other wood from walls and windows to prepare for drywall
  • Cut up and remove carpet (you'll use razor blade knife to cut but anyone can carry)
  • Clean up nails, and other construction trash outside (safe for anyone)
HVAC Installation Continues
Air handlers have been installed. Most ductwork has also been located and run. When electric finishes we will have heat!

We still will only have cold water until a new water heater can be installed.

Starts Monday. This could lead to a couple of weekends without power. And even if we do have power we may not want you there in person for safety issues. Also note that a new underground service will be located on the property and grounds keeping could be inhibited.

All framing should be done Saturday. It has been delayed due to exterior door damage.

Siding and Gutters
Now starts Monday due to framing delay. 
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